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Sugar cookies are soft, chewy, light cookies that are so simple to make, you will have a big batch is about 30 minutes. These are the very best cookies to make for each vacation because they are so versatile. Decorate them specially for each and every vacation or frost with some easy frosting. This sugar cookie recipe does not need to have to be chilled and can effortlessly be frozen for later on.

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Soft sugar cookies are the ideal simple cookies and so simple to make. It’s a easy combine of ingredients that most people often have on hand and all you need is a mixer.

I desire soft and chewy cookies to the crunchy ones every single time so these are my go-to cookies. These sugar cookies and my cream cheese cookies are the cookies that I make most frequently. Both sorts of cookie dough is really straightforward to make and my favorite element is that it does not have to be chilled.

These cookies are also very easy to alter flavors as effectively. Sugar cookies out-beat cream cheese cookies right here simply because they can be frosted, decorated with different sprinkles, or iced.

Making cookies is my favourite loved ones exercise. I love it when my little ones help me make cookies and the older a single even will take over and does most of the actions himself. It’s a fantastic loved ones tradition for us to make gingerbread males cookies in the fall and to make sugar cookies for Easter.

Of course, creating cookies is not just for holidays. Because sugar cookies consider about 30-45 minutes to make from start to finish, we typically make cookies on Sunday mornings just for enjoyable.


Easy sugar cookies are rolled in granulated white sugar prior to baking. You can alter sugar for other decorative coating to suit distinct occasions.

No matter whether you are generating sugar cookies for Easter or for Christmas, different varieties of sprinkles or colored sugar can be used to roll the cookies. There are also many decorations to pick that can be basically extra to the best of the cookie.

Include tiny sugar carrots for Easter, sugar snowflakes and ugly sweaters for Christmas, sugar turkeys for Thanksgiving. All these baking decorations are frequently discovered in the baking isle.

Sugar cookie can also be iced or frosted.

Cookie Icing:

To make basic cookie icing, all you need to have is one/two cup powdered sugar and one one/two tbsp heavy whipping cream.

Warm up heavy cream but not as well hot. Add powdered sugar to a shallow bowl and whisk in warm hefty cream slowly, right up until all smooth. Icing can both be spooked above each and every cookie or drizzled.

Cookie Frosting:

Buttercream frosting is normally used to frost sugar cookies. To make a simple buttercream, you will require 1 cup of softened unsalted butter, 1 one/two cups powdered sugar, one tsp vanilla extract, and three Tbsp hefty whipping cream.

Beat butter on medium-large velocity for a couple of minutes and then switch to a whisk attachment. Include powdered sugar and vanilla on low velocity and then begin increasing the velocity as it’s mixed.

Pour in hefty whipping cream, combine it in and scrape sides and bottom of the bowl. Turn the velocity back to medium-higher and beat for a couple of more minutes.


Usually make sure you you are storing cooled cookies, so let them amazing to space temperature before placing away into the container.

Un-frosted sugar cookies can very easily be stored on the counter, in an air-tight container. You can use a cookie jar for storing if the jar has an air-tight lid. A basic plastic storage container with a lid can also be used.

Just make sure to preserve the container away from direct sunlight, oven, or stove.

At space temperature, stored in an air-tight container, sugar cookies can last up to a weeks. Right after that, the cookies will commence to harden or get stale.

If you’ve added icing or frosting to the cookies, keep them in an air-tight container, in the refrigerator. Line some waxed parchment paper among the frosted cookies.


Freeze baked cookies un-frosted.

To freeze baked cookies, lay them in one single layer of a wire rack and let them amazing to area temperature. Once cooled, place the wire rack in the freezer and allow cookies freeze for about 2 hrs. (Set the timer so you bear in mind the cookies.)

When frozen, transfer cookie into a huge zip-lock freezer bag. You can both store all cookies at once, or portion them into smaller bags.

Make positive to label, seal, and place back into the freezer. Frozen cookies will final up to six months.

Frozen baked cookies thaw extremely quick. You can just leave a few on a wire rack and they will be thawed in about 30 minutes. If you have an immediate craving for a cookie, heat it in a microwave for 10-15 seconds.


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