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Turkey carcass soup

I can demonstrate you how to make the ideal Homemade Turkey Soup recipe with your leftover turkey! Scrumptious soup from scratch is the ideal leftover recipe ever!

How To Make Turkey Soup From A Leftover Turkey Carcass

My enjoy for soup started goes deep. It may have started out with our renowned Beefy Tomato Soup recipe, but there is something to be explained about turkey soup produced from a turkey carcass.

Leftover turkey bones, don’t throw them away!

Each and every 12 months we take turns going to the wife’s family or mine on Thanksgiving and each time we acquired to my mom’s house we get a massive pot with us. She doesn’t make homemade turkey soup with her leftover turkey bones…so we grab them and get them house with us.

Crazy, right? Not that she doesn’t make homemade turkey soup, but crazy that we bring pots with us for leftover turkey bones.

So as soon as you devour that huge, beautiful turkey…get most of the meat off of the bones and break the carcass down to match into a pot. The biggest pot you’ve acquired!

Homemade Turkey Soup Elements

Now these are all the basic components you’re going to need to make this turkey soup recipe…

Celery, carrots, onions, noodles, seasonings like kosher salt and black pepper, leftover turkey and the rest of the turkey carcass.

As you’ll see in the recipe under, you can cook your noodles right in the soup or you can make them individually and add them in to every bowl.

When you have your turkey in your soup pot you can add the rest of the components for generating the turkey stock.

Throw in a couple of onions reduce into large pieces, some celery and carrots. Include in a few bay leaves, salt and peppercorns and water.

The crucial to creating the most flavorful turkey broth is that you want to cover the bones and greens with water just to the prime of the substances.

Not also significantly above the top because then your broth will be weak.

As you can see we extra a few seasonings in here as well – lots of salt, peppercorns and a bay leaf or two.

Allow the pot come to a boil and then reduce the heat down to medium heat, cover and simmer.

Dependent on how big your turkey was will depend on how extended you need to have to simmer the broth, but I’d say a excellent average is about 3 hours. Our bird was large so I did three 1/2 hours.

After the stock is done, strain it into yet another massive pot, let it great and stick it in the fridge. You’ll want it to chill for a number of hrs so you can strain off what ever excess fat rises to the top.

Strain as a lot unwanted fat off the prime as you can, no one desires greasy broth! Now you have scrumptious, hearty homemade turkey stock.

If you don’t want to make soup with all of your turkey stock just consider out what you want and save or freeze the rest. We usually make the whole point because we eat a ton of soup in my house.

Now, when you go to make turkey soup from that homemade turkey stock you’ll just be adding fresh vegetables and noodles to the stock, following the recipe beneath.

The hard portion is in excess of!

If you weren’t a soup junkie before you undoubtedly will be following producing this homemade turkey soup recipe!

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