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Zucchini spaghetti

My preferred way to cook zucchini noodles! See how to make our 20-minute zucchini noodles pasta recipe with garlic, tomatoes, basil, and parmesan cheese. Minimal-carb, keto-adaptable, and vegetarian! Leap to the Zucchini Noodles Pasta Recipe or observe our swift recipe video displaying you how we make it.

Watch Us Make Garlic Parmesan Zucchini Noodles Pasta

Guilt-Free, twenty Minute Zucchini Pasta

We are in really like with this easy recipe. There’s fresh zucchini, tomatoes, basil, parmesan, and lots of garlic. The very best element? It only takes twenty minutes to make. It’s minimal on calories and carbs, whilst possessing maximum taste!

This is this kind of a quick and effortless recipe. It’s adaptable, also. We love this with 100% zucchini noodles (basically, spaghetti created from zucchini), but a combination of true spaghetti or pasta and zucchini is wonderful.

This pasta recipe is all about fresh elements. The zucchini need to be company and the tomatoes sweet. If you have a difficult time finding excellent, flavorful tomatoes, it is much better to use canned. We adore canned San Marzano tomatoes as nicely as the possibilities from Muir Glen.

How to Make Zucchini Noodles With and Without having a Spiralizer

Zucchini noodles are spaghetti-like strands of zucchini. You can make them a range of ways. Here’s how to make them:

  • The simplest way to make zucchini noodles is to use a spiralizer. They make prolonged, curly noodles in minutes. This is a wonderful instrument to add to your kitchen. We obtained ours on Amazon for significantly less than $30. There are a variety of brands and price tag points to pick from. Some foods processors come with a spiralizer attachment now, as well.
  • No spiralizer, no difficulty! You can also use a julienne vegetable peeler. These come in at below $ten and may even be hiding in your kitchen gadget drawer right now.
  • Most mandoline slicers will make noodles, too.
  • You can also use a normal vegetable peeler and make wide noodles.

Dependent on exactly where you shop, you may even find that you can get previously spiralized zucchini. I’ve witnessed them for sale in Entire Food items, Trader Joe’s, and even some Safeway shops.

As soon as you’ve received noodles, you’re prepared to cook them.

Our Very best Tips for Cooking Zoodles So That They Are Delicious and Not Soggy

Zucchini is mostly created up of water so cooking it can be tricky. Right here are our tips for cooking it nicely and making confident it’s not soggy.

  • Don’t peel the zucchini. Peeled zucchini noodles are mushy and have little crunch. Plus, it adds a stage and we’re searching for dinner on the table quickly.
  • Don’t salt the zucchini ahead or time or whilst it cooks in the pan. Salt draws out water from the zucchini. This will make it much less crunchy when it’s cooked. Because salt helps make factors taste very good, we favor to salt the sauce and not the zucchini.
  • Don’t overcook. The noodles ought to be cooked to al dente (just like pasta). This means they will appear wilted, but nonetheless have a crunch.

Because zucchini has a tendency to turn out to be watery, we do our ideal to lessen this as much as possible in our recipe. Even so, you will even now uncover some water left at the bottom of the serving bowl. This is okay with us. The liquid mixes with tomato, garlic, cheese, and olive oil, so it’s scrumptious. By the way, if you are hunting for far more ways to use up zucchini, here’s our parmesan basil zucchini chips recipe for you. They are addictive.

What Our Readers Are Saying

If you don’t believe that our recipe helps you obtain excellent zucchini noodles pasta at house, consider a search at what our readers are saying about the recipe! Far more critiques are in the comments area below.

“Wow! It’s tasty. This recipe is at the top of the favorites list!” – Pam

“I was surprised how scrumptious this actually was!! I followed recipe specifically and it turned out perfect.” – Marissa

“Oh. My. Goodness! Its remarkable! What a super way to introduce the family to disguised wholesome consuming with flavor that is the embodiment of summertime. This year I planted even a lot more zucchini and Zoodles will be element of our lives forever!” – Shannon

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